“Thank you. What a blessing to be in this group– it is so encouraging to be with you all in worship — from different churches, a multitude of musical talent, and just sharing a love for Christ and praise — it is so awesome! Sometimes churches and groups are very isolated or protective of who they allow to worship with them and don’t have an open policy which can make it difficult to find collaborators. This group is such a breath of fresh air. I look forward to more worship with you guys.”

“Praise be to God for all of you and what you have done. My team looks forward to blessing you and you have no idea the blessing last night and being invited into your “big show” is for my decision to bring forward the book of songs I have been hiding in my 3 ring binder for years.”

“I believe God put it in my heart to share this with the world and I believe that he made us cross paths so that together we can help shed some light in a time of darkness.”



Let’s worship in song together.

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